Dig deeper into the Lord’s Recovery/Local Church/Witness Lee/Christians on Campus cult. Know what it is and what you’re dealing with. lists other resources outside of the website so members and nonmembers alike can quickly access useful material. Using them can give critical thinkers a more well-rounded view of the varying arguments against the Lord’s Recovery cult.

As always, compare what you’re reading/listening to/watching against other sources, and above else, come back to God in His Word for truth and discernment.


College Clubs

A list of the Lord’s Recovery/Local Church/Witness Lee cult’s college clubs. Most of the clubs in the Lord’s Recovery/Local Church cult are called “Christians on Campus.”

The Thread

A concise thread of specific problems that exist within the Lord’s Recovery/Local Church/Witness Lee cult.

My OpinionsFree

A YouTube channel with over 50 podcast episodes, in which a man who was in the Lord’s Recovery cult for several years talks about problems he saw within it, how to leave, and much more.

Local Church Discussions

Learn first-hand the different Lord’s Recovery/Local Church experiences and personal revelations from authors of all kinds of backgrounds. This site is a forum full of discussion boards solely focused on the Lord’s Recovery movement.

A Future and a Hope

Written by John Myer, this free book talks about how to have a real church life outside of the Lord’s Recovery. It’s a great first step to leaving and realizing that the Bible contradicts much of what the Lords’ Recovery teaches.

Light of Truth Ministries

Jim Moran established this ministry in 1989, specifically to oppose and expose the Lord’s Recovery cult. Upon Moran’s death, through the Church in Fullerton, the Lord’s Recovery purchased all rights to the site’s materials (source). This restrictive approach to opposing arguments is simply another tactic of the Recovery attempting to control its own narrative.

Clicking on the title “Light of Truth Ministries” goes to an archived form of the website when it was in its original state.

Jo Casteel’s Open Letter

A powerful testimony and research work regarding the problems of the Lord’s Recovery both historically and today.