College Clubs/Organizations with Ties to the Lord’s Recovery

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This is a list of college organizations with ties to the Lord’s Recovery/Local Church/Witness Lee cult movement. Most of the movement’s college organizations are called “Christians on Campus,” but there are other seemingly harmless names that are used.

How to Know Christians on Campus Clubs Are Recovery Clubs

About Christians on Campus and Other Lord’s Recovery Clubs

This list is in progress…

This list is incomplete, but we’re working on it. Stay tuned!

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As a college student who met the saints on a college campus my freshman year, everyone that I came into contact with was completely open and honest about who they were. There was no “tactic” used to get me through the door. I’m graduating college in December and there has not been any coercion through my college years. Nor has there been any requirement for people in the club to meet with the Lord’s Recovery. About half of my friends in the club know about the Lords Recovery, but go to different churches. My club experience has been people who… Read more »

Jacob Howard (Site Owner)

Thanks for sharing, Grace! I’m about to disagree with you, but no ill-will intended, just my thoughts 🙂 I can relate to you on all of this! Even down to graduating, I really loved my college club! But the entire goal of the college club is to get new recruits into the Recovery. I’m questioning no one’s salvation, but the Recovery clubs are specifically designed to recruit for the Recovery church. That’s their entire purpose. That’s exactly what the College Reunion conferences were for, for all clubs to learn on how to keep from weirding people out with the problems… Read more »

Jacob Howard (Site Owner)

Excessive smilies are so you know I’m literally not offended in any way and trying to be light-hearted, but I understand if some of this stuff offends you. Please know that I have completely believed and bought into the Recovery at one point, so it’s not lost upon me that this website would be offensive to a current member.


University of Michigan and Ohio Stae University have one just warning you