What’s The Thread?


This is a more concise, summarized view of the fundamental flaws of the Lord’s Recovery/Local Church cult that I experienced. A large number of these items prove it is a Christian cult movement.

Apart from Recovery members essentially deifying and absolutely aligning themselves with Witness Lee, the now dead leader of the Local Church movement, and his teachings/writings (also described below in The Thread), the Recovery has a number of oddities and heresies that are at least strange and at most heretical. Those are described here as concisely as possible.

Clicking on the title of the thread item will take you to a biblical defense and explanation if one is available. Since a lot of these defenses and explanations take time and research, not all of them will be available at once. As I complete them, they’ll be made available on this site.

Regardless of a biblical defense and explanation’s availability, I can affirm all of these points with my own experience and am more than happy to talk with anyone about them. Don’t hesitate to email me at jacobhobsonhoward@gmail.com with any questions or feedback.

At the time of original writing, there were only 49 items in The Thread. As of November 16, 2019, a thorough revision was applied, leaving a total of 55 items. After reading and editing them, I know that I will consolidate a few items and add more than a few more. I’m fallible, so if God’s Word proves I was wrong in any way, expect retractions and apologies.

May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with all who land on this site and are questioning in order to seek the Lord God.

Jacob Howard