Recovery Video: Witness Lee’s “Ministry” Solves All Church Problems

Recovery Video

Witness Lee’s “Ministry” Solves All Church Problems

This is a “Lord’s Recovery” video from within the Christian cult movement of a person named Witness Lee. The Recovery is a group that I stumbled into and fell for in college. Most people have probably never heard of it nor care about what this guy’s saying.

But if you know anyone in it or are in it yourself, listen to this Recovery teacher try to give Christians something other than Christ Himself as a solution to their problems. According to him, Christians don’t need Christ, His gospel, or His Word to solve all the problems in the church; we just need Witness Lee’s MINISTRY (his books and teachings, sometimes referring to Watchman Nee’s books and teachings, too), which Recovery teachers and members conflate with Christ and His Word.

This is absurdity. Only God and His Spirit can solve your problems. Only Jesus Christ can solve your problems. Any “minister” who ministers anything or anyone other than Christ to you should be fled from.

If you’re in the Recovery, talk to me about why God doesn’t want you there. I’ll listen to your side of things, but if you’ll give me a chance to present it, I think God’s Word can convince you that leaving is the only option for a genuine Christian. Leave a comment or email me at

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Priestly Scribe

Jacob, that video was especially painful for me to watch because I have studied these matters in considerable detail. It should be obvious to anyone that this man’s concept of what noteworthy service by a local church elder would look like bears no resemblance to what is recorded in scripture. Equally shocking (to me at least) is how this man’s words are diametrically opposed to what Witness Lee himself taught back in the 1970s. Listen to this eyewitness testimony:


Wow, wow, wowwww!!! 😱🤦🏼‍♀️ I have not seen this video before, thank you for putting it up. This cultic teaching was the very foundation of my life growing up in the recovery, of course, but hearing it so clearly said by a leading brother, now that I’m out, is truly shocking: it sounds so very cultish!!! And completely anti-Biblical. I think this clip will be all I need to show current members I speak with, who constantly tell me, “All we have and teach is the Word of God”, and “We stand on God’s Word alone.” But what was spoken… Read more »

Douglas Krieger

After viewing this video, it confirms the LC is THE Ministry which indeed is a substitute for Christ. Being “Of Christ” as in “I am of Paul, I am of Apollos, I am of Cephas” – is all about the superiority of ONE MINISTRY over any others – the “part” has become the “whole” – My late father-in-law once said: “Don’t listen to what a man says, listen to what he does!” No kidding – still learning that one. I’m reaching out to you folks because I was challenged to do so by someone else who, as I, left the… Read more »


Jacob, The video you are showing is just a personal experience and testimony of a leading believer in one local church. His personal experience does not represent all the believers of the Lord’s Recovery. In his testimony in the video, I did not hear him saying that he did not need Christ, etc. as you said. I can see that he was excited about what the ministry could do to him personally and to other believers as he believed, no more, no less. What he said is not a prophecy, nor a promise, nor a covenant, nor a commandment, etc.… Read more »