Recovery Video: Witness Lee’s “Ministry” Solves All Church Problems

Recovery Video

Witness Lee’s “Ministry” Solves All Church Problems

This is a “Lord’s Recovery” video from within the Christian cult movement of a person named Witness Lee. The Recovery is a group that I stumbled into and fell for in college. Most people have probably never heard of it nor care about what this guy’s saying.

But if you know anyone in it or are in it yourself, listen to this Recovery teacher try to give Christians something other than Christ Himself as a solution to their problems. According to him, Christians don’t need Christ, His gospel, or His Word to solve all the problems in the church; we just need Witness Lee’s MINISTRY (his books and teachings, sometimes referring to Watchman Nee’s books and teachings, too), which Recovery teachers and members conflate with Christ and His Word.

This is absurdity. Only God and His Spirit can solve your problems. Only Jesus Christ can solve your problems. Any “minister” who ministers anything or anyone other than Christ to you should be fled from.

If you’re in the Recovery, talk to me about why God doesn’t want you there. I’ll listen to your side of things, but if you’ll give me a chance to present it, I think God’s Word can convince you that leaving is the only option for a genuine Christian. Leave a comment or email me at

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Priestly Scribe
3 years ago

Jacob, that video was especially painful for me to watch because I have studied these matters in considerable detail. It should be obvious to anyone that this man’s concept of what noteworthy service by a local church elder would look like bears no resemblance to what is recorded in scripture. Equally shocking (to me at least) is how this man’s words are diametrically opposed to what Witness Lee himself taught back in the 1970s. Listen to this eyewitness testimony:

2 years ago

Wow, wow, wowwww!!! 😱🤦🏼‍♀️ I have not seen this video before, thank you for putting it up. This cultic teaching was the very foundation of my life growing up in the recovery, of course, but hearing it so clearly said by a leading brother, now that I’m out, is truly shocking: it sounds so very cultish!!! And completely anti-Biblical. I think this clip will be all I need to show current members I speak with, who constantly tell me, “All we have and teach is the Word of God”, and “We stand on God’s Word alone.” But what was spoken here of the answers and wisdom found in God’s Word? Nothing because, according to Witness Lee and the leading brothers, all the wisdom of their god is found in the words of Witness Lee alone. Such deception! May God have mercy!!!

Douglas Krieger
2 years ago

After viewing this video, it confirms the LC is THE Ministry which indeed is a substitute for Christ. Being “Of Christ” as in “I am of Paul, I am of Apollos, I am of Cephas” – is all about the superiority of ONE MINISTRY over any others – the “part” has become the “whole” – My late father-in-law once said: “Don’t listen to what a man says, listen to what he does!” No kidding – still learning that one. I’m reaching out to you folks because I was challenged to do so by someone else who, as I, left the LC years ago (I back in 1973) – frankly, I find it very difficult to talk with folks who have left it because so many seem so embittered, especially the children of those who were in it and then left latter on in life – and, those who have left seem (and I know I don’t sound like I have a lot of grace nor patience in this matter) very opinionated – but, then again, I’m a bit opinionated myself. I guess once or twice burned you have a tendency to stay away from fire altogether. Notwithstanding, the Lord has afforded me more grace in my old age so that to the best I can before Him, share His Word and Truth that I feel will help others who have been manipulated by so-called “ministries” which have isolated themselves from both the Head of the Body and the Body of Christ as well. I’ve written an article of late aimed directly at this business of ONE MINISTRY vs. MINISTRIES IN THE BODY OF CHRIST…I think it might strike a chord with some – God Bless – Doug Krieger – Article @

2 years ago


The video you are showing is just a personal experience and testimony of a leading believer in one local church. His personal experience does not represent all the believers of the Lord’s Recovery. In his testimony in the video, I did not hear him saying that he did not need Christ, etc. as you said. I can see that he was excited about what the ministry could do to him personally and to other believers as he believed, no more, no less. What he said is not a prophecy, nor a promise, nor a covenant, nor a commandment, etc. It was merely his personal testimony in a church meeting. The main point of his personal testimony was only about the church matters that he did not define in the local church he met. My understanding about Witness Lee’s ministry is that his teachings are mostly related to the Lord’s interest on this earth and the spiritual well-being of the believers in the Lord’s Recovery. Lee was basically a preacher, a Bible teacher, a trainer, and a book publisher. All he knew and talked about publicly was mostly spiritual matters rather than worldly matters. So, when Ted Williams was talking about “all the problems in the church” in the video, I think he was talking about mostly spiritual problems that he knew although he used the word “all problems.” I can see that Ted Williams was confident to tell all that Lee’s ministry could help solve all spiritual problems of a local church as Lee’s ministry talks a lot about the crucified Christ as the solution to the problems of a local church, same as the apostle Paul did in 1 Corinthians. Apostle Paul says he know nothing but the crucified Christ, who uniquely could be the solution to all the spiritual problems of the church in Corinth. It would be very helpful also to watch the entire context of the video to see and understand what the message or fellowship they were talking about to have a clue about what the “all problems” referring to in that particular meeting. If the fellowship of the meeting talked about the crucified Christ as the unique solutions to all the spiritual problems of the church in Corinth, then Ted Williams’ personal testimony was simply an echoing of what Paul did in his local church via Lee’s ministry which also talks about the crucified Christ and His cross as the solution of all the spiritual problems of a local church.

I watched many preaching sermons by John McArthur on Youtube. Many of his congregation of the Grace Community Church praised him and respected him highly in public. His followers buy and read his books and audio tapes, and participate in his many conferences, etc. in addition to attending and listening to his weekly sermons. I believe some of the younger believers also were called by him and his co-workers to attend his seminary under his ministry. I read his Study Bible, his Bible Handbook, his commentary on Revelation, and several other books by him. I honestly believe that McArthur is a good preacher and a faithful servant of the Lord, and I would praise the Lord for his services to his congregation. His congregation generally think of him highly and get excited about his preaching. Every now and then, McArthur would hold Q&A sessions to answer ALL questions from his congregation about all their problems, mostly, I agreed being spiritual problems rather than worldly problems. Many of his followers were satisficed with their problems solved by their minister McArthur. With my understanding of McArthur’ ministry and his teachings as a whole for several years without prejudice or bias in one way or another, I would not accuse McArthur’s followers to have forsaken Christ and followed one man’s ministry, and urge them to leave the Grace Community Church and McArthur’s ministry. I would not label them as a cult either.

Jacob, my sense toward your website is that you tend to selectively pick up some speaking by Witness Lee or a certain believer meeting in a local church that you don’t like or disagree to begin your accusations and attacks toward another Christian or Christian group. Your interpretation and thinking of what you read and watched in a video seems with much bias and prejudice. The Biblical verses that you cited to support your opinion are very good verses in the Bible themselves. But disappointedly, they were all wrongly applied according to your misunderstanding of what you read or watched in a video.

Maybe the below Christian Research Journal with the title “We Were Wrong” can help clarify or explain to some if not all of your misunderstanding about Lee’s ministry and the practices of the local churches in the Lord’s Recovery. Download it, and try to read the entire issue of the journal without pre-determined bias or prejudice in a week or so. I know it would be a little hard for you to do that after having devoted so much time and effort in your website to persuade others to fully accept your view. Just follow your heart, Jacob! Amen.

In Christ,